Buy with confidence

Buy with confidence: only € 1250, -!

Do not pay too much, avoid a bad bargain and legal problems go away from: brokerage Lucas Klamer is at your service!

Buy with confidence hold the following:

  • - You own a suitable home and looking in person the first viewing
  • - We visit with you (for the second time) the house
  • - If necessary, let us further investigate architectural
  • - We discuss the acquisition strategy and determine in consultation with the placing of bids and resolutive conditions
  • - We conduct on behalf of and in consultation with the negotiations
  • - We check the title deed is correct and discuss it with you
  • - We follow the progress of the conditions precedent and thereby keep a finger on the pulse
  • - We control the deed of transfer accuracy
  • - We arrange and guide you to the final inspection and the notary
  • - For problems and questions after the transfer, you can count on us!

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